For children who stay with us for lunch we offer a healthy, balanced meal served bento box style, which is ideal for preschoolers. Lunches are freshly prepared, use minimal packaging and less food waste. We are happy to take into account dietary needs and preferences. 

We charge £1.80 per day for lunch

For example, our lunches offer a selection of the following: 

  • Starchy foods – baguette, breadsticks, rice crackers, cheese crackers, pasta, cous-cous, tortilla wraps, flatbreads, bagels, tiger bread, ciabatta, brioche, cheese scones. We also offer the children small portions of the following snack type items – Hula Hoops, Quavers, Veggie straws, pea snacks, chickpea puffs, carrot puffs, lentil chips.
  • Protein - ham, houmous, cheese (Cheddar, Emmental, Gouda, Mozzarella etc) roast chicken breast, roast turkey, veggie sausages, houmous, Quorn, vegetarian sausage rolls, chickpeas, eggs
  • Veggies (two different veggies offered) - carrots, cucumber, sweetcorn, peas, peppers, edamame beans, broad beans, cherry tomatoes 
  • Fruit (two different fruits offered) - seasonal fresh fruit and small portions of dried fruit such as raisins, cranberries, mango and papaya
  • Pudding – home made fruit and veg based cakes, flavoured rice cakes, frozen fruit smoothies and frozen yoghurt ‘lollies’, carrot muffins, banana bread, Greek yoghurt and honey. 

Please let us know if there is anything you would prefer your child not to have and we are happy to provide an alternative. 

The lunch menu for the day will be written up on the notice board. We will always let you know if children have not eaten much for whatever reason.

If your child has a fully funded session parents can provide their own packed lunch if they prefer but it must meet our food guidelines. 


We provide a mid morning snack for all our children, which includes a selection of fresh fruit and vegetables, and starchy carbs such as crackers and rice cakes. We offer milk or diary free alternatives (oat milk or Koko milk)at snack time. 

Our children that stay until 4.00pm are offered a small snack again before home time. 

We ask parents to contribute £0.50 per day towards children's snack. 

Food Hygiene Rating

Our current Food Hygiene Rating from Guildford Borough Council (last inspected Jan 2023)


We aim to minimise food waste and single use packaging as much as possible. We recycle plastics, paper, cardboard and metal containers through Guildford Council.