Diwali 2015

Diwali sensory box
Making mango lassi for snack
Playdough Diwali sweet shop



November 2015
Celebrating bonfire night at preschool, campfires, sparklers and cinnamon baked apples


Autumn Term 2015 - Space Topic

'Nasa' dressing up
Ringed planet craft
Planet earth cookies
'Moon painting' using paint and flour
Space station role play
'Whatever Next' Sensory box with black beans, glow in the dark stars and story stones
Space themed transient art

Summer Term 2015  - June

Starting our 'Under the Sea' Topic, the children have been learning about rock pools and coral reefs
Finding Nemo inspired hand print canvas for Father's Day

Rock pool sensory box using coloured rice

Creating rock pools with sand playdough




Under the Sea themed transient art




Experimenting with magnets and household items


Balancing activity using wood slices, cotton reels, lollipop sticks and glass pebbles


Summer Term - May 2015

British Wildlife Topic - the children have been learning about birds and nocturnal animals. We have also been focusing on the 'Owl Babies' story which the children loved!
Owl Babies themed playdough activity

Starry night playdough

Nocturnal Animals themed sensory box - black beans and glow in the dark stars

Wildlife themed 'book nook'

Cookie cutter bird feeders


Summer Term - April 2015

Starting our British Wildlife topic and enjoying our new lightbox!

Making hedgehogs with chocolate play dough and loose parts

Fine motors skills - Using tweezers to pick up worms in our 'beaks', threading spaghetti into colanders to make hedgehog spikes and number matching pegs into hedgehogs

Chocolate hedgehog cupcakes

Bird creation station at the play dough table

Bird themed sensory box with seeds, feathers, bird stones and wooden scoops


Light Box Activities


Homemade glitter gel bags - the children enjoyed making hand prints and using their fingers to write letters and draw shapes in the gel


Exploring what happens when we mix colours on the light box using rainbow blocks, acrylic numbers, coloured counters and paddles.
Exploring colour and reflection in the mirror trays

Spring Term 2015 - Minibeast Topic

The children decorated flower pots for Mother's Day

Garden Maths table - counting and sorting opportunities

Minibeast counting


The children enjoyed a minibeast hunt in the local woods, matching the minibeasts to the correct habitat. 



Sensory box pond activity with water beads

The children used scissors independently to cut out the minibeasts and complete the patterns


Leaf hedgehogs made from fallen leaves collected by the children
Life cycle of a butterfly baking activity

Minibeast Role Play area

Using natural resources to create a minibeastsmall world
Chocolate 'Mud and Worms' cakes, baked in flowerpots and decorated with chocolate soil and gummy worms!

Diwali 2014 - Making clay Diya lamps

Learning about the Home Front - Ration Shop Role Play

 Small World Activities

Counting opportunities in Space themed small world - mirror numbers and 'space rocks'

Ancient Rome week - Erupting Mount Vesuvius and chocolate dormouse lollipops!

Fire Station Role Play